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  ANILAR - 1

İnsan aklı var
O aklın kalbi var
İnsan kalbi var
O kalbin aklı var
İnsan düşünceleri var
O düşüncelerin duyguları var
İnsan duyguları var
O duyguların düşünceleri var
İnsan gözleri var
O gözlerin ruhu var
İnsan sesi var
O sesin rengi var
İnsan kokusu var
O kokunun izi var
O kokunun gizi var..

O kokunun zamanı var
O kokunun teni var..!

BANU, 16 .10. 2007


Inside one’s head
There is a heart
Inside that heart
There is a head
That head has thoughts
Those thoughts can feel
Those feelings too
Have thoughts
And eyes there are
Which have a soul
A voice whose notes
Speak harmony
A human smell
Which leaves a secret trace

There is a time
For human smell
Embodied in the flesh

BANU, 16. 10. 2007

Translated by ANGELA ROOME

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